Laravel Rookie
Laravel Rookie — A course to start programming from scratch

A course to start programming from scratch

New to Laravel or programming? Laravel Rookie is a course for absolute beginners.

You will learn how to code and build modern and scalable online projects using PHP language and the Laravel Framework.


Starting to code is not hard

Programming can seem tough and daunting at first. But in reality it's only a matter of practice.
Everyone can learn how to do it.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for absolute beginners in programming as well as coders switching to Laravel for the first time.

You will end this course knowing how to build and publish a website with modern and powerful tools used by professionals.

Why should you take the course?

Knowing how to code and execute online projects is very important nowadays. It will continue to become a crucial and desirable skill to have on your resume in the future.

Laravel is an easy to learn but powerful framework which can enable you to build any kind of web applications, from a personal or corporate website to an e-commerce or membership site.

What is different?

A majority of learners in online programming courses become discouraged because they get stuck at some point.

Laravel Rookie is designed not only to prevent learners from getting stuck but also to equip them with independence and problem-solving skills.


Let us help you leverage your skills and change your future.

Learn how to code

In this course, we will use the widely-used and versatile PHP language. In case you want to learn another language in the future, it will become much easier since you already have the necessary foundation.

Learn how to solve problems

We emphasize the most on self-sufficiency. After the course, you will inevitably run into problems when building an online project — even the most skilled programmers have to fix errors every day. We want you to become independent and have the ability to solve problems on your own.

Learn what matters

Many programming courses for beginners start by making you memorize hundreds of keywords and functions. Because of this, most students quit and stop learning.

You will learn how to build your projects effectively with real skills, not memorization.


Unbeatable value

Our course provides quality training at great value: more organized than Youtube tutorial videos, yet more affordable than a coding boot camp!

No more hours of scrambling and struggling on your own. No need to break the bank to pick up coding skills.


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